Kingdom Focus

Jesus tells us to seek first the Kingdom of God. But what is that exactly: “Gods Kingdom”? What does this mean for us here on earth? In this sermon Pastor Sebastiaan van Wessem talks about the fifth core value of Thousand Hills and explains how we can be Kingdom oriented.

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Contagious Generosity

When you think about generosity, you often think about money. But there are so much more ways to be generous. Why is generosity so important? In this message, Pastor Sebastiaan van Wessem shows that by being generous we reflect a God who was so generous that he was willing to send his one and only …

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Keep the Pace

According to Philippians 3, there is a race set before us and a prize at the end. How can we keep the pace when running this race? As our everyday decisions create our destiny, how can we make sure to make the right decisions? In this message, guest speaker Kyle Turner, Lead Pastor of The …

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Radical Grace

Usually, when we use the word “radical”, it’s not very positive. But did you know that the grace and love God has for us is radical? Even though we didn’t deserve it, God decided to extend grace to us anyhow. How can we mirror that grace to the people around us, even when they are …

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Relevant Community

In this new message series ‘Here as in heaven’ we dive into the core values of Thousand Hills. “Our preaching is practical, our worship engaging, our community is vibrant and our presence in society noticeable” is the first one. Pastor Sebastiaan van Wessem tells about a relevant community in the first sermon of this series. …

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Did you ever make a wrong decision? Did you know what was the right thing to do, but still you chose the complete opposite? Discover how grace can change your life! In this sermon Pastor Ronald Lakhichand will take a look at the life of Jonah and what we can learn from his story in …

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