Want to grow in a more specific area of your life like: the basics of the Christian faith, finding freedom, marriage, parenting or finances?

Within our Connect Group system we offer several courses that will help you further with this. You can get more information at our Welcome Center in church.

Many people are asking themselves the questions: Why am I here? What is the point of my life? Is there not more to life? Is there a God?

You may have attended a church for most of your life but you may have never really understood what Christianity is all about.

If this is how you are thinking, we can offer you help and a direction for your life by inviting you to follow the Alpha Course.

Alpha runs over 10 Tuesday Nights and 1 weekend. 

Register for the next Alpha Course starting February 27 2018
Join the introduction meeting on Sunday February 25, 13.00 at the Hilversum location

The Alpha Course allows you to be introduced to the basis of the Christian faith in an informal and relaxed way, together with a small group of about 8-10 others. The course is informative, fun-filled and starts every evening with a meal. It is a dynamic course that can be life-changing. The Alpha Course has been followed by over 30 million people world-wide in 169 countries and explores the meaning of life and some of the basic truths of the Christian faith such as “Who is Jesus?”, “Why should I read the Bible?” and “Does God heal today?”. It is scripturally-based and has the backing of all Christian denominations. It is for those searching for the meaning of life, newcomers to the church and those wanting to explore their faith. Whether you attend Thousand Hills or not, you are welcome at the Alpha Course.

Do you want to discover how you and your partner can grow old together? Whether you just started dating or have already picked a wedding date, why not take some time to reflect on your relationship, your dreams, hopes and expectations?

The Pre-Marriage Course helps you to lay a good foundation for your relationship. In five evenings you and your partner will discuss privately what is really important in your relationship.

Every marriage needs a check-up every now and again. Life is busy, life is complicated, and the marriage relationship easily gets snowed under all that is going on in our lives.

Participating in the Marriage Course will help you and your spouse to connect on a deeper level, rekindle the fire and give you practical tips to stay strong over the course of the years to come.

This course will help you to understand God’s financial principles. When you learn to put these into practice, you will find financial stability and freedom.

This course provides you with a biblical guide to earning, spending, saving, investing, giving and getting out of debt.

The Parenting Course allows you to pick up tools and ideas for a healthy and God-honouring upbringing of your children and teenagers.

During the course we deal with questions like:
-How can my children learn to know God's love?
-How can I set boundaries for my teenagers?
-How can I help develop their emotional health?
-How can I help them to make good choices?

The Freedom Discipleship course will allow you to understand the truth of who you are in Christ, resolve any personal and spiritual strongholds from the past and move on towards Christian maturity.

In this way you can become alive and free in Christ through genuine repentance, forgiveness and faith in God. This allows you to grow and become a fruitful disciple who can make a real impact in our church and community.

Freedom in Christ runs over 12 Sunday Nights

Register for the next Freedom in Christ course starting February 18