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On Sunday, December 23rd, Thousand Hills will be presenting a Family Service: “The Christmas Delivery”. A truly unique and surprise package will be delivered at the sorting center. To whom does the packet belong? But even more important, who sent it? Come find the answers on December 23rd. It is going to be an unforgettable party; come and join us! Children under 4 will have their own program. At the end we will have snacks and hot chocolate!

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Are you also busy with your ‘Christmas Deliveries’? Did you know a very special delivery is on it’s way, especially for you? It’s being delivered to your doorstep free of charge! Do you want to know what it is? Visit one of our Christmas Eve services at Thousand Hills and discover the precious gift that awaits you.

The Thousand Hills Gospel Choir will also be there singing some amazing Christmas songs that will make you enjoy this season even more! They will sing the real classics but will delight us with new cool carols.

You will hear us mention peace, but what kind of peace are we talking about during Christmas? What were the angels singing about? And what does this mean nowadays? Visit us and hear all about it.

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