Jesus is the one we follow. Everything we do is about Him and for Him. It’s why we meet, pray, worship and seek to share our story and His with others.

Jesus is the one who brings full life, shaping us to be the people He intended us to be. This is not an abstract idea! It is both spiritual and practical. It affects our praying, yes, but it also affects our work, our relationships, every aspect of our lives.

But the best bit is this – it’s for everyone. Jesus did not come to create a club of nice people or a religious crowd. He came to bring full life for all people. People from every walk of life, rich, poor, young, old, happy, sad, whole and broken. Church is the only organisation on the planet that exists totally for its non-members.

We’re passionate to help you discover who Jesus is and to help you start a relationship with Him.

Here's how: