Thousand Hills seeks to reach out to our local community through service both by individuals and by the church community.

Clothing Bank

The first Saturday of each month (except in July and August) the church is open from 10.00-12.00 to offer clothing, coffee and conversation. Those in need are welcome to come and choose suitable clothes for themselves and their families from our large selection of clothing and footwear, as well as taking home linens and toys. Join us for a cup of coffee, snacks and a chance to chat while you find clothing to suit you.

Food Kitchen

On the first Friday of each month the Food Kitchen is open from 17:00-20:00 for anyone who is up for a warm meal and some good company.


ARC Nederland

Thousand Hills and our Lead Pastor Sebastiaan van Wessem are partnering with other influential churches, setting up a network of churches that longs to impact the Netherlands with the Gospel. ARC’s vision is to be a relational network of church planters and church leaders, supporting, guiding and resourcing existing churches and helping new life-giving churches to launch and grow.

    ARC Nederland

    ARC international


Thousand Hills supports a number of missionaries and Christian ministries worldwide. It is our joy to be a part of what they are doing through prayer and financial support.


Thousand Hills partners with OneHope, a worldwide organisation that reaches children and youth with the Word of God.

The name OneHope, reflects our desire to present the Living Word of God in an engaging way to children and youth.

Jesus Christ is the one and only hope for eternity — and when we present Him to the next generation lives are transformed.

We have a plan to reach every young person, in every nation, with a relevant Gospel message by the year 2030.


Bible App for Kids

In 2015 Thousand Hills made it possible that the Bible App for Kids was brought out in the Dutch language. The app can now be downloaded for free in 20 languages on Google Play and the App store.

Children's Cup

Children’s Cup is a partner organization of Thousand Hills. They long to impact communities in Southern Africa. They provide necessities: food, water and medical care. They provide the life skills needed to thrive: education, discipleship, and economic principles. And most of all, they provide these children with an opportunity to learn about Christ.


Annabelle Plaza


Annabelle was born and raised in Surigao del Norte, Philippines and has been serving in the Philippines as a missionary for 22 years, through YWAM. She has always had a deep desire to share the gospel with indigenous people groups. Recently God called Annabelle to begin work in a large muslim nation. She has been serving there in a school and with the poor. She is currently back in the Philippines until she can gain a new visa.

Richard and Pita Zevenbergen


Richard and Pita Zevenbergen have been missionaries in Brazil since 2005. God called them to Brazil to train missionaries and to urge the Brazilian church to do mission work. Richard is an ordained Pastor of the VPE and of the Brazilian Assemblies of God. Pita takes care of their three sons, Rafael 12 yrs, Christoph 9 yrs and Michael 8 yrs old, and teaches languages in the mission school.

student ministry
local church

Dorien Knight

South Africa

Dorien, who is married to Wesley, lives in South Africa and serves in the township of Paarl near Capetown. Dorien is involved in a ministry to young women trapped in prostitution. This project offers care, spiritual healing, food, fun through movie nights, and teaches the women new skills. Doreen is also involved in sharing the gospel in a nearby prison.

spiritual healing