Thousand Hills Kids: FUN, FAITH, FRIENDS

It is our mission to help your children to make new friends, have a lot of fun and grow in their faith!

The Thousand Hills Kids team receives all parents at the Family Entrance. Here, you can connect with our team who will explain to you where all the kids rooms are and introduce you to the rest of the team.

At the desk, we do a check-in for all children so that we know exactly which children are there and who they came with.

The children start directly in their own rooms. Please make sure to be on time so that there is enough time to introduce you to the team.

At the MINIS, we aim to provide a safe and healthy environment for the youngest kids. We provide a safe place to play and care for them in a familiar setting, where they can be themselves and feel accepted.

Children are precious to God and to us. We realize that you, as a parent, entrust the care for your child(ren) to us. It is our special privilege to make sure they have a great time while the parents can enjoy the service in the auditorium. We provide a structured and reliable environment with, in example, a certain routine. We make sure that there are familiar faces every week. It is important that your child feels safe.

During the services we make sure that the children get something to eat and to drink. We also change diapers. Please bring your child with a bag full of all they might need. And please also make sure that it is labeled with the name of your child.

For the second service, you could also bring lunch for the children, if it would be too late for them to wait.
Our eldest group is the HEROES: and that is how we see them! This is such a great age. They all have received such great talents and they can make such a difference! We believe that is very important that your children feel important and accepted when they come on Sunday morning.

Every Sunday we start in the large group. This is where they get the time to play some games, read a comic book and do other stuff. After this we start our program. Two times a month we worship* together with our own Kids Worship band. During the time in the large group, we discover more about what is in the Bible and what this means for our lives. And who knows, maybe there will also be a challenge that you can take part in?

After this, we split up in small groups, formed around the different age groups. In the small group, they can talk further with the leaders, pray, make a craft or do a game.

At the end we bring all the groups together again for a snack and something to drink. The parents can enjoy a cup of coffee after the service, the kids still have a great time!

During the second service in Hilversum, the program is bi-lingual (English-Dutch). In the other services the program is in Dutch.

*We have a Spotify playlist so that the kids can practice the songs at home!
Our youth movement is called ALIVE. They come together in Connect Groups during the week. Alive Nights happen on the third Friday of the month at 19.30 at the Hilversum campus.

Welcome Home

Want to check out one of our church services at Thousand Hills? Please know that you are always welcome to come. Our hope for you is that you will feel right at home and that you will have an encounter with God.

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