At Thousand Hills College we offer several courses over the year that you can attend, to grow in your relationship with God and be better equipped for ministry. Experienced teachers will guide you through high-level teaching that will take your Christian walk to the next level.

Courses are offered on Tuesday nights between 19.30-21.45.

Christian Leadership

Want to grow in your leadership? Want to understand leadership dynamics and develop new skills? Then the Leadership course is a fantastic way to do this. You will have the opportunity to grow in this important area and apply what you learn to life and ministry.

This course will be taught in English.


  1. Leadership Is …
  2. Ministry & Leadership
  3. Dreams & Visions
  4. Vision & Strategic Planning
  5. Building & Developing Teams
  6. Faith & Belief
  7. Identifying & Developing Leaders
  8. Discovering & Developing Your Own Leadership Style
  9. Decision-Making & Communication
  10. Self-Leadership
  11. Character & Integrity
  12. Spirit & Power
  13. Strategies for Longevity
  14. Authority & Victory
  15. Effective Leadership


February – June


The costs for this course are

  • €160 full course
    including: online teaching, powerpoint presentations, classroom teaching, assignments, reading


  • €80 light course
    including: classroom teaching and reading

Payments need to be made up front, before the end of January


If you are interested in joining the next course, please email us at